Controlling & Raising Finance 


Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cash is King! 


Cash and its flow through your business is the lifeblood of your business, so how do you use it, collect it, raise and manage it?


Understanding and Managing Finance

A simple Cashflow Forecast built on a spreadsheet will help you to plan for the unexpected, consider the impact of a payment delay, or support your Growth Plans allowing you to sound the "alarm bells" before it happens, giving you time to consider alternative options.

Sales Growth is likely to increase your need for Working Capital - the cash that funds your trading until the customer pays you and you realise your profit on the contract.  Grow too rapidly, and all those customers yet to pay that are providing your additional sales, could actually strangle your business as your cash runs-out.  Again your Cashflow Forecast and appropriate Credit Controls can help manage the movement of cash through your business.

Do you set Budgets for your expenditure and manage performance against those?  How often do you review how profitable you actually are between your year-ends?  Do you know which of your products are earning money and which are in decline?  A regular review of your Financial Performance will highlight any problem areas and may also allow you an opportunity to do some Tax Planning preparation with your Accountant ahead of your actual Year-End.

Are you having a hard time with the Bank, struggling to understand what they want, or suffering from a damaged relationship that needs some understanding and repair?

Raising Finance

We all accept that the lenders, including the Venture Capitalists, have toughened their stance towards everyone amidst cries of "the banks aren't lending, despite lending targets being established and reported."  However, when you are looking to borrow, are you:

  • Looking at the right form of finance for your business?  Is an Overdraft the right facility for you? 
  • Struggling to fathom, how do you particpate in the various new lending support schemes and "credit easing" mechanisms that are coming forward?
  • Portraying your case and management team in the best light in your application?
  • Providing financial forecasts that reflect the text contained within your Business Plan ?

The Solutions:

We can help you with all of the above and more, so with my previous financial and lending background, invite me in for an independent review - perhaps a dress rehearsal for the real thing in front of the real Bank Manager!

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